Indigenous and Traditional Healthcare

About 2,000 wrong patents concerning Indian systems of medicine were being granted every year at the international level, mainly due to the fact that India's traditional medicine knowledge existed in manuscripts in local and ancient languages. These are not understood by the laymen or the international patent examiners.

We now live in an era wherein we have to fight for what is right fully ours. Read on India's attempt to protect and safeguard its ancient healthcare knowledge with the help of TKDL - Traditional Knowledge Digital Library.

Towards Ayurvedic Biology – A Decadal Vision Document

Ayurveda has finally come of age.  The frustrating and oft-contradicting reports of modern medicine, the rising cost of modern healthcare, the microscopic treatment of disease, and such factors have paved way for the re-surgence of Ayurveda in a big way. It not only enjoys liberal patronage of the Indian State but has also gained recognition by WHO and [...]

India is a country of rich heritage and culture. With its vast geographical expanse, varied climatic conditions, and environment, India has been home to many ancient civilizations and many a ways of life. From different religions, languages, cuisines, climates to societies, India has been amassing and evolving rich diversity and cultural ethos that are unparalleled [...]