Legal Issues

Red Alert – Illegal Blood Trade Thrives in India

A few hundred rupees, drugs or promise of a good livelihood is all you need to lure a person to the hell hole of illegal blood trade. Here the unwilling victim is kept locked, drugged, chained and is then drained of the only commodity he has – blood. The unsuspecting victim's blood is illegally extracted [...]

Are you qualified to donate blood?

Blood donation is a noble life-saving act that has no equal. It is an honour to be able to donate blood for you play a part in saving someones life or improving their health condition. Donating blood is a great way to help a fellow human being. But there may be reasons wherein you will be denied of an opportunity to donate your blood.

Read about blood donors and check if you or someone you know are legally and medically qualified to donate blood.

Most of us have received an email that stipulates that there is Supreme court ruling that in case of any accident, you should go ahead and help the victim, without being bothered about the legal hassles, police paperwork, etc. While this should be the best thing to have happenend to the public, it is not confirmed if this is legal or just an email hoax.