• Like advanced nations, India too has its share of increasing number baby boomers from all walks of life. Sadly, healthcare does not reach this most neglected population.

    Geriatric population begs for attention

    Senior population below poverty line in India has been at the receiving end of neglect of healthcare authorities. From chronic ...

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    Baby boomers of a different kind

    Unlike increasing geriatric population crowding hospices in the west, our seniors and oft found dying on streets. ...

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    Dravid bats for AIDS. Celebrity power for a cause.

    Star batsmen join growing number of leading politicians, private corporations and celebrities who have lent their voices ...

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    Can you heal her?

    She is poor, HIV positive, mother of 3 children, bread winner and dying. What will you do? ...

Ayurveda has finally come of age.  The frustrating and oft-contradicting reports of modern medicine, the rising cost of modern healthcare, the microscopic treatment of disease, and such factors have paved way for the re-surgence of Ayurveda in a big way. It not only enjoys liberal patronage of the Indian State but has also gained recognition by WHO and developed countries as Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Read this insightful document by Professor M. S. Valiathan on ayurveda, is resurgence and world-wide acceptance and how it is poised to grow in future. The history of traditional medicine, rise and fall and rise of ayurveda makes this document not only readable but thoroughly enjoyable. [Read more…]

India is a country of rich heritage and culture. With its vast geographical expanse, varied climatic conditions, and environment, India has been home to many ancient civilizations and many a ways of life. From different religions, languages, cuisines, climates to societies, India has been amassing and evolving rich diversity and cultural ethos that are unparalleled in other regions and countries. [Read more…]