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This is not about booming healthcare markets, medical tourism or technological advancement of the industry. We keep our pulse on the aches and pains of a common man – like you and me, who at times gets the basic right to healthcare denied. This is about an average person’s struggle to access, afford and use and benefit from healthcare – the way it should be.

Though we hail from the healthcare sector by way of education and experience, we assume a third party position for HealthOpine on India’s healthcare happenings. And by that we ensure that our content and presentations are not biased or influenced by any degree. Having had our share of microscopic view on the happenings in healthcare, we now stand back to see the system as a whole – and dissect the reasons why this inter connectivity became its malaise.

HealthOpine was born out of a wish to write on the Indian healthcare scenario, which is still unaffordable, inaccessible to millions of Indians. We hope to add content of value to its visitors and users. Every effort will be made to keep the quality of the content and the information factual.

We intent to build content for myriad healthcare topics and over a period of time, convert into a helpful database for health care students, professionals and information researchers. We will let the website determine it course over a period of time.

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